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Is anything in this world cuter than an absolutely adorable Panda bear? Absolutely nothing! The panda bear costume is the embodiment of the cutest and yet classiest animal in the animal kingdom. This is one costume you definitely need to have.

Welcome to www.PandaBearCostume.com! We have some of the cutest panda bear costumes just for you. Whether you are dressing as a panda for your child’s birthday party, a part in a school play or for a Halloween party, we have the perfect look for you! If you are trying to choose a member of the animal kingdom to portray, you cannot go wrong with an adorable panda bear.

Panda bear costumes have a full body suit that is plush and cuddly in a dark black color. In the mid-section of the panda costume, a large white patch creates the stomach area of the bear. This color scheme imitates the look of the panda bear. A hood is attached to the body suit that you can pull up to cover your head. It is white with soft black ears on the top. Glass eyes sit on the hood as well to look like real bear eyes. You will look like a true representation of the cuddly panda bear.

To accessorize the panda bear costume, you can choose gloves to cover your hands in white or black. Your shoes should be a dull black color to look more like bear feet. You may find shoes and gloves with paw prints to give your costume an amazing appeal.

After you have dressed in your panda costume, you can use body paint in black and white to cover up the exposed skin of your face. You can be creative with the color pattern and design the cutest panda face ever. If you are choosing a panda bear costume for your toddler, why not pick out one for yourself as well? You will be hit of the block when you take your little one trick-or-treating on Halloween as a momma panda bear and her cub.

The panda bear costume is the costume you can pull out and wear for just about any occasion! Never before has a costume been so versatile. You can pull it out for a Halloween party to just about blow everyone away with your authenticity. It is excellent for a football match mascot or simply to drive children at a party absolutely crazy. The panda bear costume is the ideal costume for every occasion. The panda bear costume is simply so versatile. It comes in every possible size, make and type for just about anyone. From adults, men, women to even toddlers, this costume is for everyone.

The panda bear costume for toddlers is the most adorable thing you may have ever set your eyes one. The costume is a plush pure polyester jumpsuit that fits the toddler snugly. Just like the color of the Panda bear, the costume is pure black and has a huge white patch on its tummy. There is even a hood that can be pulled over the toddler’s head. This would mimic the top of the bear’s head. The hood has stitched on ears made of white and black polyester. Along with the body suit comes a pair of booties and mittens. These accessories have slip-proof pink patches. These patches serve two purposes. The cute pink patches depict authentic paw prints. They also prevent your toddler from slipping and hurting himself as he walks around.

To make the costume even more authentic, use body paint. Black and white body paint can be used to paint up the face and make your toddler the cutest panda ever!

Accessorizing Your Costume

When choosing a cute and cuddly creature for your next Halloween costume, what could be better than the Panda Bear? Accessorizing this look might be a bit a tricky. A stuffed Panda could be carried and cuddled like a momma bear with its cub. Your little trick or treater could grasp a plastic piece of vegetation in their paw such as a fake stalk of celery for an ideal touch. Keep in mind that it may be a bit chilly during the season and your little one might need some warm clothes beneath the Panda Bear costume to ward of the chill in the air.

Measuring for Your Panda Bear Costume

An ill-fitting panda bear costume can be quite un-bear-able! Be sure that yours fits and fits you well by measuring yourself prior to ordering – and then comparing your measurements to the size chart on the costume’s detail page. Measurements needed include measurements of your waist, hips, and chest. Measure each of these at their widest point for the best fit. You should also note your inseam, which is the seam that runs the length of the inner thigh, beginning at the crotch. When in doubt, be sure to order a bigger size, since you can still wear a costume that is a bit big but squeezing into one that is too small does not make a lot of sense.

What would be your first reaction on seeing a Panda bear costume – wouldn’t it be to hug the wearer tightly? That is exactly what this costume can help you get – a lot of attention. Available for every member of the family this is one costume that you can manipulate in several ways. A one-piece suit for the baby, a full body suit for the man and a sexy two-piece suit for the lady, if you please. Alternately, women too can get into body suits with an open face head. Complete the look with checkered paws and long claws and you will be the centre of hugging attention at the party.

Panda bear costume

The panda bear costume is perhaps the most versatile costume you can possibly get your hands on. Available in all sizes and makes, this is the ideal costume as it is the perfect investment. It is classy and yet completely trendy.

The panda bear costume comes in three standard sizes; adult, child and toddler. The costume usually is a combination of a bodysuit with matching accessories. The panda bear costume’s bodysuit is made of absolutely pure 100% polyester. Polyester is the ideal material for costumes. It is breathable and allows the panda bear costume to be worn at lengths of time at a go.

The body suit is plush and is of pure black material. The middle of the costume, at the stomach region at the torso, there is a huge white patch. This white patch is to mimic the authentic body colors of the panda bear. There is a pull up hood that is attached to the bodysuit. This hood is white in color and has plush black ears on the top of it. The top of the hood has a pair of glass acrylic eyes to depict the panda’s eyes. The overall effect of the color detailing presents a panda bear costume that is so authentic and adorable.

Accessories that accompany the jumpsuit of the panda bear costume are gloves, shoes and body paint. The gloves and shoes are black with paw prints on them. The paw prints are made of non-slip pink material. This not only looks good but is extremely functional. It provides the wearer of the costume with proper grip and allows him to be comfortable in the costume.

The panda bear costume is the perfect costume for every occasion. The panda bear is the perfect mascot for your football team, the perfect entertainer for your child’s birthday party and even the cutest thing to dress up your toddler in.

Panda bears are one of the cuddliest and most adorable creatures in the world. Their black and white patterns are truly a remarkable sight. The fact that they are endangers saddens many hearts and almost everyone wises to see ne at least once in their lives.

Children would make great baby pandas. They are always fun to snuggle with and they look extra cute.  With so many costumes today, you can even find a Panda costume for babies.  Children love these cuddly creatures and they would surely love to be one as well.  Costumes are really hard to make especially when you do not have the creative mind for it or the time to do it. All you need to do to get a Panda Costume is to browse around stores.  If you cannot find one in your local stores, then you could always check online.  Take the time to get the right costume for your child.  Halloween comes only once a year, so you have plenty of time to start your search.

You could get one that comes with a full mask but some children may find this uncomfortable.  Instead, use some make -up to complete the look.  You do not really have to be a make-up artist to apply the right features of a panda on your children’s face.  Pandas have a simple pattern and you will have no problem copying it.   Give that extra effort to make your child’s costume perfect.  They will appreciate the hard work you have done, even if it is just the face that you had to make.  A good costume today does not need a skilled hand to perfect.  Just a good eye for detail when buying would do well enough for any Halloween season.  Make your children happy and pick a costume that is different and will make them stand out.  Children long to be noticed so help them by buying a great costume.

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